Monday, 5 November 2012

Aubergine and orange - I love autumn

Rose did some painting today - I wasn't quite brave enough to unleash Toby on the paints, but Rose definitely had fun. And not too much mess either!  We don't go to playgroup on a Monday, so I'm trying to make it craft or baking day.  Before Rose finished nursery, she did a lot of painting and crafts so I'm trying to keep that up.

Colin made me these amazing aubergine timbales. They're basically aubergines, sweated and grilled, which you then line a ramekin with and fill with a mushroom, spinach and tomato sauce - once they're cooked you upend the ramekin. The recipe is from Chloe's Kitchen - we had them with roast potatoes and bread, amazing!

Last night I finished the order of eight sets of blocks for Rowdy Roddy Vintage. Colin dropped the blocks off at lunchtime with them - I hope they sell well. I've got a few things to make this week - an order for a room sign, a couple of custom orders that Colin's mum took from friends, and some gifts for people.

I made a cushion cover from the retro curtains that came from our holiday house - here it is! It's nice to have a piece of our holiday house here, even though opinion is divided over the retro fabric with some declaring them the most tasteless things ever -  I love my cushion though!

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