Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bargains galore

So our final bill came back for our car. It hurts even to write it down .... TWO THOUSAND POUNDS! Actually more than our car is even worth! Yuck - we're not even convinced that the first bit of work carried out, which amounted to fifty per cent of the bill, was even necessary. Impossible to prove, though. What a joke! We can pay it, but the next few months will be a bit tighter as a result... since giving up work I'm getting use to more frugal living though, so I see it as a challenge.

On that note, I've been doing some shopping..... At nine and a half stone I wondered if I might dare to buy myself some clothes in a size 10! My sister said I have body dysmorphia as I am still buying 14s - I bought some leggings the other day that just look like baggy trousers. I got some new dresses and leggings from ASOS including this one. Sadly, they do not make me look like the model in the picture, but they arrived yesterday and I love them! 

Been doing some Christmas shopping, too - this tool from Moneysavingexpert is brilliant - it finds some amazing discounts on Amazon. 
I got a pair of Animal socks for £1.50 for a Christmas gift, and an Animal shirt for £6 -  reduced from £35 for the day. Amazon sometimes only discount items for as little as 24 hours (as I learned to my cost once with a double buggy that was reduced to £200, until I went to buy it on pay day, when it had gone back up to full price!).

 I'm going to try to make a lot of Christmas presents this year. Hopefully by making things people will actually like and use rather than stuff I've just made for the sake of it. I've made a list of things I have to do, including two knitted hats for the wee ones, macarons, salted caramel bars, pictures, and chocolate vodka. It's going well so far but I'm pushing myself to do a bit every night - I had great plans last year for lots of home made gifts and ended up in a panic the week before Christmas as I still had a ton of things to make! Needless to say, it didn't get done.

I saw this bread in a bottle gift idea, recently, too - I'd love to receive something like this! So much to make but so little time....

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