Sunday, 25 November 2012

Work, sleep and playpens

I was at the St Mungo's Museum craft fair today. I think my stall looks better than it did last time - I put a lot of my stuff in the wee suitcases you can see in the pic, and had a plain white tablecloth. I ended up doing ok, but it wasn't hugely busy. I'd had the foresight to pack my knitting and sewing plus my Kindle and lots of nice food, so I actually had quite a productive few hours! It is hard though when people diss your stuff - one lady looked at one of my bag tags, asked how much it was, and when I told her £4 she raised her eyebrows, huffed and dropped it as if she'd been burnt! People are so used to paying pennies for mass produced things they don't realise how much work has gone into a hand made item.

Not getting very far with the No Cry Sleep Solution unfortunately. The whole method revolves around detaching your baby from the breast or bottle before he falls asleep. Toby is accepting this some of the time now, but still waking up every couple of hours......he's a bit more settled when he does wake up though so we're just letting things go along as they are for now, till the next time I feel a bit crazy from no sleep, when I may renew my efforts!

I've just finished a brilliant book on my Kindle - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I'd heard a lot of people recommending it so had high hopes, and it definitely lived up to the hype. It's about a husband who comes home to find his wife of seven years has gone missing - her diary and his innermost thoughts revealing that there was far more to their troubled marriage than meets the eye. There's a twist that totally stops the story in its tracks and turns it on its head - I loved it.

Toby has a new friend - a playpen. He is such a tiny whirlwhind, I wasn't able to leave him alone for a second without him climbing up on the furniture or rummaging through the bin. It was making it very hard to do anything so the playpen seemed like the answer. We've put all his favourite toys in it, and I'm trying to restrict it to when I really need to use it - some days fortunately not at all. Anyway, he thinks it's quite funny.


  1. I love the look of your door hangers, are you able to personalise them? I was wanting something for my boys doors - a car/truck kinda theme, but not tacky like the shop bought options! Following you on Twitter anyhow if you could let me know that'd be fab, I'd love one for them for Christmas x

  2. Thanks Celia, yes I would be able to make something like that, perhaps with cars on one side on trucks on the other with your wording. Let me know if you'd like to order one before Weds 5th Dec (my Xmas deadline!) and I'll get it to you for Christmas! xx