Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Home button

I decided to try something new for Christmas and make a button picture for my mum. Here's how it turned out - this is version two, as the first one looked fine until I held it at a distance from me, when I realised the E was misaligned. That was a low point and I almost downed tools and took myself off to Jo Malone to buy her a candle instead!

To make a picture like this, you need-                       

Glue gun 
Glue pellets
Fine art paper - I used A4 Winsor and Newton
Frame - I used this one
Mount (this one is 10 x 8)
Bag of mixed buttons
All of these things can be ordered through Amazon or bought from your local art store.

And lots of patience!

I printed the word HOME first onto the paper in very very faint grey so once the buttons were stuck on you wouldn't be able to see the printed letters - they were there as a guide. For your first project like this I recommend using a sans-serif font, i.e one without the small projecting strokes at the end of letters - it's easier if you're covering the letters with buttons.

serifed font
sans-serif font

Then I laid the buttons out as I wanted them to look - this is important as you want them to be a similar size and to avoid having the same colours next to each other.

You then need to stick the buttons on one by one. I would recommend getting to know your glue gun first and learning about how much pressure you need to put on the trigger - too much glue means it splodges out under the button and you're left picking away at the dried glue with tweezers to pull it off - not fun! 

The glue from the glue gun is very hot, so you only need a little dot of it each time to stick the button on really securely. You almost need to use the same action that you would use to ice a cupcake, because if you lift the gun away before it's dispensed all the glue, it leaves a thin trail of glue across the picture.

I recommend doing a few buttons at a time, then having a break - after a while your hand can get a little bit shaky and your back sore as you lean over the picture. Make sure you have a really bright light shining on the paper too so you can see exactly what you are doing.

Hopefully you should end up with something really pretty! I've put mine in my shop - it's now the most expensive thing there, as once the cost of the materials is deducted, it's probably the trickiest thing in my shop to make and the most time consuming. 

My mum liked hers - and someone else gave her some Jo Malone stuff, so it's all good.

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