Monday, 31 December 2012

New year's resolutions

So it's time to make some new year's resolutions.

Mine are:

1. Go to the hairdresser. I haven't been since 2007. Don't get me wrong, I do cut my own hair. I just hate the hairdresser  - I've had a few disasters - and now that I'm not working I feel a bit guilty about spending a lot of money on just getting my hair done. But I feel it's probably time.....

2. Get a pedicure. I've never had one. I definitely could do with one. Will be scanning Groupon for a good deal!

3. Get my shop Violetfizz really off the ground and earning us a regular small second income by the end of the year.

4. Reach my goal weight of 9 stone. I'm not far off, but over the last few weeks I've got a little sidetracked by chocolate and Christmas food.

5.Go out on a date with my husband! Toby, with your permission.....

I'm looking forward to 2013 - here's hoping it will be a year full of happy memories. Happy new year!

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