Sunday, 16 December 2012

Saturday night date night...not!

One of the presents Toby was given for his birthday was Ewan the Dream Sheep. My sister swears by her and says it's brilliant at getting my six month old nephew off to sleep. Other methods having failed, I thought it was worth a go. Ewan plays four different musical/heartbeat sounds depending on which of his feet you press, and his tummy lights up with a red glow. I've been putting him on while I feed Toby to sleep this week in the hope that he'll one day be able to put himself back to sleep with the help of Ewan's definitely worked a couple of times so far, but we've had to be quick and race to turn Ewan on the moment we hear Toby stir on the monitor. I'm very encouraged though - it's my resolution that Colin and I will get to go out for dinner one of these days, so Ewan might be the answer!

So last night the big girls were staying in Doune with their grandparents. They went to see Cinderella at the panto, then got the train back through this morning. Sadly, our date night turned out to be a bit of a wash-out .... Toby had a very sore cough and woke up at half nine. He scoffed at Ewan the sheep and didn't go back to sleep until midnight!

I made some spaghetti nests this week - they are now one of my new favourite things to eat, and so easy! The picture I took of them didn't really do them justice. Basically you just make a pot of pesto spaghetti as normal. Then you take a forkful, slide the 'nest' shaped ball into a pan of hot oil and fry on each side for three or four minutes. Totally delicious - it's crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside. We've since tried it with farfalle pasta - you can also put the pasta nests in muffin trays and crisp it up in the oven. Yum!

Got a very busy week ahead - I have a set of blocks to make that were ordered through my shop - plus a few more Xmas gifts. Don't think I'll be getting to bed before midnight before Xmas once you add in all the gift wrapping I still have to do - six stockings worth of presents, plus the rest....

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