Saturday, 19 January 2013

Reunited with my lost love

Many years ago, in the land of Marks and Spencer's, existed a flavour of crisps.

They were baked potato and butter flavour.

A girl called Caroline became obsessed with these crisps. Every day she would make the long journey to her local Marks and Spencer's to buy three packets that she would eat with a milk chocolate bubbly bar and some of their own brand cola.

Then, after several, beautiful, glorious, months, was over. Caroline went to her local Marks and Spencer's and her wonderful crisps were....gone. Without explanation. Discontinued, the bored looking assistant said.

Caroline wept. And wept some more. She tried to forge new relationships over the years, some more successful than others. But the Marks and Spencer's salt and vinegar chipsticks left her fingers sticky. There weren't enough crisps in the packets of Walkers salt and vinegar Baked that she loved for a time. Pizzeria crisps in Pepperoni flavour (suitable for vegetarians) were discontinued, too.

Caroline never forgot her baked potato and butter flavour love. She grew up, married, and had a family, and the story of the most wonderful crisps in the world was told many times to her husband and children.

Then, one day, in the dreary days after Christmas, it happened. In Marks and Spencer's Braehead, a place that had not even existed when Caroline first lost her crispy love. She turned a corner, into the snacks aisle, and ..... there they were.

They'd changed a lot in the years they'd been away. Doubled the size of the bag they were in, and were crinkle cut, now. Caroline's hands shook as she paid for the crisps, and shook more as she tore open the bag. Would they be the same? Had she built them up to be something they weren't over the years? Would she be disappointed?

No. Not disappointed. They were, if possible, even better than before. She bought three bags.

Marks and Spencer's baked potato and butter crisps, I'm so glad you're back in my life. I've missed you. Please, don't ever leave me again.

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