Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bread and Butter

It's amazing what your life boils down to sometimes when you have young children.

Things you once took for granted, seem like real luxuries.

These include, but are not limited to;

  • Washing your hair, then having the time to dry AND style it.
  • Going to the loo on your own.
  • Sitting down to any meal and eating it in peace.
  • Reading a magazine from cover to cover, or at least two pages of a book.
  • Listening to a CD in the car that is not Hairy Maclary or Snow White.

Today's luxury for me was .... walking round Waitrose.

I usually order our weekly shop online, but go into Waitrose a couple of times a week to pick up things we've run out of. It's normally a very targetted operation, where I head straight for the aisles I want, grab what I need, pay and leave before Rose can ask for a giant Peppa Pig cookie. I do sometimes cast a fleeting longing glance in the direction of the deli aisles on my way to the bread, but that's been the limit of our exchange for a while.

Until today.

Both of the wee ones fell asleep in the buggy on the way to the shops, on account of their early 5am waking this morning.

I was free to roam the aisles of Waitrose at will.

I cannot tell you the pleasure I got from this. (I did warn you - amazing what gives you joy when you're in the midst of preschool parenting).

I walked down every aisle. Even though all I needed was some bleach and Grazia magazine (which, annoyingly, was out of stock).

The deli aisle! Glossy green olives, juicy artichokes and several different flavours of hummus. I lingered there for a long time, before moving on to the free from section, admiring the selection of gelatine free gummy sweets before spending several minutes poring over a bag of quinoa and wondering what I might actually make with it.

     Never let it be said that Waitrose isn't a fun place to be.

I continued to the bakery section, where I considered several different types of loaf, some crumpets and a few different flavours of hot cross bun. I confess I did hurry past the chocolate section; they had Green and Blacks on special offer, and dark chocolate salted caramel Lindt bars, and I didn't trust myself, still having about 7lb of my Christmas foodfest to lose. On to books, with a very tempting array of cook books, then the juice section full of my favourite this water and Welch's grape juice. I try to be careful with juices as a rule when I'm counting calories, as I hate wasting my calorie allowance on drinks.

I left without buying much. That wasn't the point, though. To be able to take time over something, whatever that thing is, isn't something I get to do often. Which is why half an hour today in Waitrose Byres Road felt like pure indulgence.

Later, I also managed to paint my toenails with my new Butter London sparkly black nail varnish. The glamour! I love their nail varnishes, and want every single one, just so I can sit and admire them sitting sparkling on my dresser. I haven't been as excited by a nail varnish range since Hard Candy in the 90's (you got a free ring with each purchase that was attached to the lid of the bottle), and later, Urban Decay; my favourite was Acid Rain. Butter are also amazing as they don't test on animals.

I may even attempt to wash my hair and style it properly later, having fallen asleep with wet hair last night. My cup runneth over......


  1. Oh, the possibilities when you end up in a priceless double nap situation. Well done on using yours wisely.

  2. Thanks! I was slightly overcome for a moment by the exciting choices - go home?go to a cafe and read a magazine? But Waitrose seemed like the thing to do.