Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wake to sleep...and wake again

Rose has been waking painfully early. Like, 5am early. Before Cbeebies even starts. Not that I would ever, in my tired early morning state, just stick the TV on for her. Of course not.

Anyway, I read about this method called wake to sleep.

You do it for six nights. It works by going in an hour before your child has been waking, and (please bear with me here)....waking them.

You then shush them back to sleep. It's supposed to reset their sleep cycle, so they fall back into a deep sleep and sleep till, maybe...6am. A proper lie-in.

For the record, my take on morning waking times looks a bit like this;

5am - Horrendous (and I know of children who wake before this. Their parents have my deepest admiration and sympathy).

6am- Acceptable, but could be better.

7am - Good.

8am - Amazing.

9am- A distant, long-forgotten fantasy.

So, my very brave husband agreed to take on the 4am wakings as I'm often occupied with baby T at that time. After six nights, it seemed to have worked! She started getting up at 6am, and on one memorable occasion, 7.10! We were ecstatic.

Then, yesterday, back to 5.30 am again. So we were heartened to know that those 4am wakenings were worth it. Not knocking the method - it might work for other people. Sadly, though, not for us.

It could be worse, though. It means I get to catch STV's The Night Shift. No, really, you must get up and watch it. It makes the pain of sitting in your living room at 5am,when all the world slumbers around you, totally worth it. Maybe.

I got some good photos done this week for my shop, after MUCH hard work. I learned that you should never try to photograph two similar looking pieces at different times of day - the light is totally different and the end result is awful. Cue quite a bit of photoshopping to make them match!

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